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steak and kidney bones

Steak & Kidney Bones

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A very popular biscuit with all our regulars! Contains 40% total meat content per 100gms, which is very hard to beat!
Full of Selenium, Phosphorous & Zinc which helps build muscle.

Composition; Beef Skirt (35%) Pigs Kidney (5%) Semolina,  Oats, Bran, Vegetable oil.

Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 14.1 % – Crude Oil 9.07 % – Crude Fibre 1.0 % – Crude Ash 1.4 %. Each bag contains 250 gms

1 review for Steak & Kidney Bones

  • I’ve been treating my jack Russell Harvey to this and others from Pooch’s for a wile now. And the isn’t a treat that comes close to the way he reattachs when I say those magic words ” Do ya want a Biscuit ”
    He will do anything for one. They are by far the best biscuits on the market.

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